Andrade Racing

The Andrade Racing Crew is a tight knit family thats favorite thing to do is race.  They have quite a few cars that they race on the weekends.  Andrade Sr. builds motors on his days off, and all the boys are always working on something car related.  Andrade races his "Cutty" with the SBC.  Andrade Sr. races his fox body with a healthy BBC.  Jayce (his brother) races his fox body with a healthy BBC as well.  Beard (best friend) races his fox body with an actual SBF in it, and Matt (his brother in law) races his fox body with his SBF in it.  When they roll to the track whether it be a 275 drag radial event or just simply a grudge event the Andrade Racing Crew is always rolling deep.  Make sure if you see us out there to stop by and say hello!